A New Season of Life

All photography sessions are special to me - they each allow me the ability to capture the moment of a particular season of life. But this session in particular was truly one I will cherish forever. This sweet, stunning, bright young woman is entering into her senior year of high school. That might not mean much to those viewing this gallery, but to me, it is so hard to believe!

While visiting my family and beautiful cousin this summer, we had the chance to drive around Willow Oaks Golf Club to take in all the beauty Kentucky has to offer. Between the weeping willows and the estate-style clubhouse - we had an awesome time capturing a few key looks for Lexi and her family. Even with the wealth of scenery options, her natural beauty was all I needed. Congratulations sweet girl - we love you so much! Thank you for letting me freeze time in this moment.

Where Has HarveyInk Been?

Hi fellow clients, followers and friends. It has been SO long since I last updated the blog, posted on social media or really just popped up to say hello. Let me share a few reasons why…

Last winter a personal family matter made me look life straight in the eyes and make a few decisions that were extremely important to our family. After quitting my day job to focus on the health and recovery of our littlest baby, I decided to take part in another calling to work for an AMAZING company - Degreed. To maintain balance in my personal and professional life - and to also show my commitment to Degreed - I solely focused on my new role and let photography take a backseat.

Now, 15 months later, I am elated to say I still absolutely adore my job with Degreed but have also decided to open the books again for HarveyInk Photography! I have learned so much during this time, but what really became obvious is how much I adore photography and being able to capture these life moment for your family.

The time away from our photography business was necessary, worth it and done without any regrets. This would not have been possible without the loving support of my spouse and the outpouring of gratitude from my clients. We are thrilled to continue making memories for everyone! We hope to hear from you soon.


Lacy Harvey

Confetti & Color

I have been eagerly waiting to post this session for the world to see. The color and confetti throughout this shoot is just a small reflection of how explosive their love is for one another. They battled much colder temperatures than we anticipated to get these shots - you would have never known it was in the low 40s° by the look of joy on their faces! It was all worth it. This couple is so dear to my heart and in just a blink of an eye we will be celebrating their love for one another on their BIG DAY! Fall 2018 can't get here soon enough. Catherine and Tyler, fate sure knew what it was doing when it connected the two of you. Cheers to forever! 

The Future Mr. & Mrs. Howie

I love photography - I think that's quite obvious. But there is something so enjoyable about engagement shoots that leave me feeling incredibly inspired and overjoyed that I get to capture these priceless moments. This couple (the future Mr. & Mrs. Howie) is near and dear to my heart - so there was no shortage of fun while we twirled and grinned for these perfect shots last weekend. October can't get here soon enough - we love you Devin and Justin! 

Source: https://www.harveyinkphotography.com/stori...

Welcoming Baby Staker!

What a wonderful way to kick off 2018 with this tiny bundle of love! I'm so happy I was able to capture these moments for this sweet family and wonderful friend. The tiny giraffe you see in these photos was a gift from his big brother - how sweet is he?! Wishing all the love and hugs to this amazing group of people. P.S. He's not even a week old. 

The World Couldn't Wait For Phoebe

Miss Phoebe made her arrival a few weeks before everyone expected - and we all know why! She is the sweetest little angel anyone could ask for. I am so blessed to watch one of my closest friends share her love for another baby girl. The Smith family just got a little sweeter. 

Baby Benjamin

This tiny little bundle was absolutely perfect during our newborn shoot this weekend.  He was loving the soothing sounds and cuddly swaddles.  Congratulations to this sweet family on their newest addition.