Baby Braylon

Watch out world, Braylon has arrived!  I was fortunate enough to spend last Sunday afternoon with newborn, baby Braylon, and his sweet parents as we waited patiently for a few sleepy moments.  Between feedings, some whimpering and an occasional 'mommy time', we were able to capture this sweet boy as he slept peacefully.  Let the memories begin!

And Then There Were Three

It's always exciting to hear when a couple is expecting a child.  It's even more exciting when they are expecting their FIRST little bundle of joy.  I am beyond elated to FINALLY show off these pregnancy reveal photos of Katie and Craig Smith!  They will become parents this October and have already begun planning, reading and prepping for all things baby.   No doubt these two will be exceptional parents.  Congratulations Katie and Craig!  Here's to building a family together.