Confetti & Color

I have been eagerly waiting to post this session for the world to see. The color and confetti throughout this shoot is just a small reflection of how explosive their love is for one another. They battled much colder temperatures than we anticipated to get these shots - you would have never known it was in the low 40s° by the look of joy on their faces! It was all worth it. This couple is so dear to my heart and in just a blink of an eye we will be celebrating their love for one another on their BIG DAY! Fall 2018 can't get here soon enough. Catherine and Tyler, fate sure knew what it was doing when it connected the two of you. Cheers to forever! 

And Then There Were Three

It's always exciting to hear when a couple is expecting a child.  It's even more exciting when they are expecting their FIRST little bundle of joy.  I am beyond elated to FINALLY show off these pregnancy reveal photos of Katie and Craig Smith!  They will become parents this October and have already begun planning, reading and prepping for all things baby.   No doubt these two will be exceptional parents.  Congratulations Katie and Craig!  Here's to building a family together.